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Taiwan's Lite-eligible semiconductor authorized agent

By the Taiwan Yu-day semiconductor authorized agent

China MobileTD-LTEFast and the Furious: rapid deployment capability as the biggest challenge[Images]

6Year21Day,China MobileOfficially launched2013YearTD-LTEThe internetScale technical test wireless master deviceBiddingWork, which triggered great enthusiasm of the industry chain, but also on the master device manufacturers the ability to deliver a new challenge.

According to the tender announcement, the country involving Central Purchasing31Provinces, about the scale of procurement20.7Ten thousandThe base station,total55Wanzai fan. After the completion of this round of network construction, China will surpass the United States and Japan to become the world's largestLTEmarket.

Problems have cropped up, such a large scale network deployments how to basically complete before the end of each province is a common problem faced by the Company. Especially in order to build a high-performance, competitive boutiqueLTEThe internet,RRUAnd day surface should be adopted in the new way, the greatest degree of playTD-LTEPotential, which has become the consensus of the industry. under such a circumstance,TD-LTERapid deployment of networks become widely concern.

Rapid deployment of three key points: planning, support and flexible construction

Good planning is to ensure that the network quality of the premise, the premise is to achieve rapid deployment. A realistic situation of planning and design in order to ensure the smooth implementation of network construction, but also to be adjusted according to changes in the reality of planning and design in a timely manner.

From expand the scale trial network deployment experience, the plan put in place urban development speed and quality should be better. Thus, according to the actual situation of the existing network to plan in advance for each site is designed to put in place to ensure the smooth progress of the subsequent network construction. If you have not designed the floor plan of the case, to make adjustments in time for planning and design.

The second is to implement supporting the building first.TD-LTEAt present, the wireless master device is a digital baseband unit+remoteRadiofrequencyunit(BBU+RRU)form. Simply install the small volume of the engine roomBBU, Many times you can also make use of the existing space or transmission equipment rack installation.RRUPartly due to the small size, installation is also very flexible, usually installed in the day or on the surface of the pole building.

Overall, the amount of installation work of the master device is usually a very small proportion. From expand the scale trial network deployment experience to see, in the case of matching with the installed base of a master device can be completed within half a day. Except in the case of individual owners obstruct inaccessible, the reasons for the slow progress in the construction of most of the base stations are due to be in place no matching result.

inTD-LTEBase station supporting the construction, transport, power,antennaPole three parts are most important and usually takes some time for the construction and preparation. Supporting the construction of these areas, especially the transformation of the transport network are time-consuming. according to2012year In practice of expanding the scale trial network construction point of view, the transformation of the transport network has become the location of the base station after the second period after pushing an important factor. In general, the initial stage of construction, about20%Even more base stations because construction delays caused by the transformation of the transport network.

Of course, in order to achieve rapid deployment, in addition to pay attention to the planning and construction of facilities outside the ground, flexible building programs is also essential. In particular in response to demand coverage and capacity indoors, outdoors, or other special scenes, flexible and adaptive base stations form a site plan is particularly important.

In the embodiment site baseband unit portion can be flexibly deployed according to existing sites: If is andGSMtotal stations, some manufacturersBBUThe board form, can be placed directly onGSM Vacant slots in the cabinet; and if it isTD-SCDMAtotal stations,BBUUsually19Inch standard width, can be placed inTD-SCDMASpare shelf in the cabinet; also can be placed in a cabinet or comprehensive cabinet and other transport19Inch standard cabinet.

In the days of face portion, flexible antenna building programs are essential. The current mainstream antenna types include:FAD 8Channel antenna and two-channel antenna,8Channel antenna also includes common antenna with built-in antenna combiner, two-channel antenna ordinary polarized antenna and multi-band antennas independent power transfer.

For different scenarios, we can choose the best way to build according to their characteristics. The overall principle is to create a new antenna pole. In the pole can not be increased due to environmental requirements or the needs of the internal antenna must be placed in a better time, the flexibility to use a multi-band2Channel antenna to resolve.

2Channel multi-band antenna is not only small, easily placed in a better radome, but also with existingGSMShared antenna pole to achieve rapid network deployment. For individual needsTD-SCDMAandTD-LTEWhile building had to share the antenna pole, you can use a small amount of8Built-in antenna combiner channel, but we must control the amount of use, ensure that the overall network performance is not a big impact.

Rapid deployment of actual cases: five months to complete the task of building

Here to2012In the actual case of a big city to expand the scale trial network construction to illustrate how to achieve rapid deployment.

In accordance with the design requirements, the use of macro-station in the cityDBands+Sub-chamberEBand way distribution network. In close cooperation with provincial and municipal companies and manufacturers lower, based on careful analysis of existing network resources, flexibility to use a variety of ways station mentioned in the previous section.

Due to the implementation of good planning in place, most sites have successfully realized the new8Channel antenna, antenna and for beautification day face resource constraints sites use a certain proportion of2Channel antenna, individual and difficult site usesTD-Santenna Combiner(approximately1%)。

the final city5 months time to complete the task of building hundreds of macro base stations and sub-stations in the room, and to achieve a very good network performance of the group affirmed. Construction progress

In summary, we can see that as long as theTD-LTENetwork deployment, ensure the implementation of network planning, supporting the construction ahead of the layout, flexible choice of base-building programs based on the actual situation, make full use of the existing infrastructure base station, total station to take a new approach, you can achieve rapid and effective deployment. We have reason to believe that, even if the new face of day-based construction methods, ChinamobileCan achieveTD-LTEA competitive network of rapid deployment, and fully enjoy the advantages of the New Mode of the network performance for Chinese mobile users4GThe internet.

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