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  • NXP

  • Infineon

    Infineon is the world's leading semiconductor technology companies.

  • ST

    STMicroelectronics (ST) was founded in 1987, it is a new Italian company SGS Microelectronics and France Tom Thomson (Thomson) semiconductor combined. May 1998, SGS-THOMSON Microelectronics changed its name to STMicroelectronics Limited.

  • Cyber Technology

    The Cyber Technology is a focus on single-chip design and marketing of high-tech enterprises.

  • Fairchildsemi

    Fairchild Semiconductor is the United States, a design and manufacturing company!

  • Diodes

    DIODES is a customer-centric manufacturer of discrete semiconductor components manufacturer, has a unique sophisticated manufacturing technology, production of high reliability, high-density surface mount device (SMD), including SOT-23, SOD-123, SOD-323 , SOT-323, SOT-363 and more.

  • Haier

    Haier is China's leading domestic supplier of integrated circuits developed to provide local customers with a world-class MCU same quality as the goal, focus on the development of high anti-interference, high reliability and special-purpose microcontrollers product.


    In view of the earth's resources are becoming ever more depletion and deterioration of the living environment, environmental protection, energy saving and carbon reduction and recycling has become the focus of future industrial development. High-efficiency energy conversion, solar energy storage and LED lighting IC industry will also be an integral part of a ring.

  • Freescale

    Freescale Semiconductor is a leading global supplier of outstanding science and technology for the automotive, consumer, industrial, networking and wireless embedded design!

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