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MediaTek Q4 push 4G chip MT6290, supports Mobile
Source:本站原创 Release time: 2014/7/31 13:00:24 Views:1217

Transfer from Taiwan's Commercial Times news, MediaTek intends to launch in the second half4GchipMT6290,To support China Mobile4G-LTENetwork, is expected to become China4GStandard cottage with estimated12Month begin shipping the fastest next year1Month by the Chinese first-tier manufacturers to launch a mobile phone equipped with these chips.

MediaTek today's share price performance contrarian larger disk defensive, intraday meteoric rise from the black, once rose nearly jerking4%

Chairman Cai shareholders meeting that is between a few days ago, said first4MediaTek will launch4G LTE Solutions, the technology gap with rivals is shortened only1-2, Representatives MediaTek continued to shorten the gap with rivals, but he was also optimistic that the solution will be an important growth momentum.

It is understood that MediaTek supports4GprocessorMTK 6290Chip, will be used28NanoA7Architecture, performance assessment and quad-core chipMT6589Or less, in estimates12Month begin shipping the fastest next year1May you can see the Chinese factory line including ZTE, Huawei, Lenovo to launch mobile phone equipped with these chips.

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