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The current MID industry development process reviews
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Analysis: China Industry Research Network

Has been very concerned aboutMID(Multimedia Internet Device) progress has also been used by several different companiesMIDProducts, until recently used Rockchip DevelopmentMIDProduct, feelMIDThe prevalence of times really getting closer.

Guangzhou Paper3GVersionMID Viliv S5 Equipped with IntelAtomZ520processor

2009year Whether the industry will be present as the Internet3GPropellant, but from the market performance, consumers do not buy it, though carriers give substantial subsidies, the Internet is still doomed, at least in China, so, presumably the reason is very simple, since it already has a laptop, and then carry carrying a netbook is not absolutely necessary, after all, the Internet can not keep up this performance notebook, daily use of documents, e-mail is difficult in a notebook, netbook between synchronous, essentially even with theATOMCPUIs still a low-end notebook for any business person is not necessary to configure the second laptop, of course, for children or women as the only netbook laptop is a good choice, but the price has been in the laptop and the Internet the truth about the situation, I believe most consumers still choose a notebook as the preferred, the Internet is difficult to hot up there is nothing strange.

Netbooks do not have all the expected hot not the Internet's fault, but at least as a PC a form, the Internet has occupied a certain market share, but it is difficult to access this defined as an epoch-making product, the reason or word : the Internet is still a computer, even if a change in name. The Internet can not become3GBoosters.

Mobile Internet browsing,QQMSNSNS, Stocks, mobile TV,GPSAll kinds of applications and network video apparently detonatedMIDPopular's core applications, making the mobile phone compared with a larger displayMIDBring a better experience, dependenceHDMIConnecting to a TVMIDYou can even substituteDVDPlayer and Internet TV set-top boxes, with the continuous development of integrated circuit technology, believeMIDHardware platform will be further improved,MIDalong with3GHot will become inevitable.

When we tend to use the phone one-handed operation, often on the use of a laptop or desktop computer operation,MIDIs a two-handed operation, different applications created a different epoch-making product, it should be said with integrated communications, computing and even entertainment, TV functionMIDWill become a true3CFusion era incarnation,MIDThe emergence of a strong and mature to promote3GThe rate of adoption.

Different peopleMIDWe have a different understanding, or even a friend will go to netbooksMIDOrMIDGo to the Internet in this category, these are normal, but one thing is certain,3GThe times we need a suitable mobile network terminals only supportWAPPhone service provided by the browser is not enough, this is the end3GHealth, also with3GThe popularity and growth,MIDWorth mentioning, the Internet worth mentioning, just a title only.
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