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From Qualcomm chip monopoly investigation to see China Strategy
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From Qualcomm chip monopoly investigation to see China Strategy

Date:2013-12-30 9:02:22

Recently, the National Development and Reform Commission investigation of Qualcomm chips and chip monopoly over oil imports amounted China has aroused concern. The author in several countries to communicate with mobile phone manufacturers learned that China indeed paid a high cost for the chip.

According to reports, due to the monopoly of Qualcomm4Nuclear above the high-end chip, a300Yuan dollars phones, Qualcomm to take away70Yuan US dollars or so. Among these, the chip includes fees and royalties. This year, Huawei,TCLShipments, ZTE and other domestic several major mobile phone manufacturers in the world ranking are in the top six, but the situation is not optimistic about the profit, or profit, or were flat, perhaps even a loss. Just think, if China can produce their own high-end chip, it will be so dismally?

In fact, as early as2011year, China chip imports amount to more than the oil. Some time ago, when we focus on the Beidou navigation industry also found that the chip problem has seriously hampered the development of the Beidou navigation industry. Because there is no developed an integrated chip, hand-held north Bucket difficult to promote navigation system, Beidou navigation as well as the European Galileo risk being replaced. The parties concerned in order to solve this problem, plans to invest several hundred million dollars of special support Beidou chip research and development. However, at present, several domestic Beidou Chip makers to catch up with Qualcomm and lack of confidence. The reason is that domestic technology and Qualcomm and other international standards worse than a generation, if not the introduction of international standards of research and development personnel, relying on its own strength is difficult to catch up.

A topic of consumer electronics industry executives together often talking about the rise of Samsung, one thing we are certain, Samsung master advanced technology at all costs. That year, Samsung every weekend then sent aircraft to Japan where engineers went to work for them, or directly3Times, or even higher wages to lure them away to Japan. From the slow development of other Chinese Godson chip industry, Samsung this approach is worth learning.

In fact,2000Since, China's consumer electronics industry have attracted many Chinese technical personnel to join the United States,TCLMany communications sector executives and middle managers from the United States is back. I chat with some of the technical staff found that returning back after a few years, they gradually return to the US with the company's thinking. The main reasons are:

First, back to domestic income, but doubled, the absolute amount is not very high, which is the lack of incentives;

Second, most of their families are still the United States, long-term separation can not take care of the family, but also brought back the child, but the child can not meet the domestic school environment, then come back when they are young, willing to try again, are now pass40, The family is even more important;

Third, the electronics industry have done so tired every day to work10~12Hours, the body too much.

In contrast Qualcomm, Google, a person work, family health insurance and other companies have had to bear, the worries of employees, companies have thought of that and try to solve.

If you are unable to retain existing personnel returning and how we can continue to introduce high-end talent?

three Star has become a consumer electronics empire, it has an important national factor. In order to promote the growth of Samsung, South Korea is a national effort to move. China chip industry to get rid of the monopoly of Qualcomm, also should implement a national strategy, the establishment of special funds Gold, and human resources strategy. Among them, the important point, if placed on the implementation of the enterprise platform, to change some of the current common practice, to resolve the current government funds to support the operation in question. To solve some of the other special creampie Man operating funds to support existing problems, such as excessive funds to the central enterprises, state-owned enterprises tilt, private enterprises and other truly innovative capability but without adequate support; to use funds focused on people who give them adequate treatment And sufficient incentives to prevent funds being improperly consumed.

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