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VHF transmitters KT0602Q

product description

1, the world's first VHF band fully integrated solution. Single-chip integrated microphone amplifier, DSP-based audio processors (including pre-emphasis filter, compression and expansion circuit and the FM modulator, etc.), PLL frequency synthesizer, a power amplifier circuit blocks all other wireless microphone transmitter required .

2, fully integrated solution to simplify customer design, shorten the design cycle and reduce BOM costs, help reduce inventory.

3, using conventional FM modulation technology, with superior RF performance and audio performance, providing customers with professional-grade sound experience. And 2.4GHz scheme than small transmission delay, transmission distance is longer, lower power consumption, allowing the coexistence of multi-channel, breaking the restrictions Bluetooth solution up to 6 channels.

4, no MCU control, using a single pin to transmit arbitrary 16 frequency selection.

Key Features

1, the world-wide VHF band


- A single 24MHz crystal covering the entire frequency

2, professional-grade sound

- Audio dynamic range of more than 102dB

- Super flat frequency response: 20Hz ~ 18kHz

- Low Distortion: < 0.5%

- Low spurious radiation: < -60dBc

- High transmit power: > 10mW

3, low power consumption:

- Operating Current < 80mA

- Standby Mode<10uA

4, Advanced Features:

- Adjustable microphone gain maximum 46dB

- Adjustable transmit power

- Configurable compression and expansion coefficient

- Built-in 32.768kHz pilot (can be turned off)

- Built-in pre-emphasis filter 75us

- Built-in battery voltage detection circuit

- No noise switch

- No interference noise

5, small package:

- RoHS-compliant lead-free QFN24 package

6, the interface is simple:

- 2.2V ~ 3.6V single supply

- 2-wire I2C master mode interface

main application

  • wireless microphone
  • Conference Microphone
  • Wireless speakers
  • Baby monitors
  • Pen-shaped wireless microphone
  • Wireless headsets
  • DVD
  • Set-top boxes
  • Other wireless audio transmission equipment


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